There are times when you are looking through magazines or browsing the internet when you see a term that catches your eye that you need to follow up on. That term for me recently was “pyrography”.

The term “pyrography” (pahy-rog-ruh-fee) is the process of burning designs into wood, leather, paper, etc. with a heated tool. Once you know the the definition you get that sudden flashback to your childhood an go ‘OH’ wood burning. There was probably some point in time when you actually had a simple wood burning tool. It probably looked like a soldering iron.

The simpler tools have a solid brass tip which is heated with an electric current. Those tools are still available, but for more advanced artists the tools have variable heat controls and a variety of wire-tips. The darkness of the designs or images are created by the amount of pressure and the amount of time the heated tip is in contact with the wood.


by Sue Walters

For more information and resources you can visit Pyrography Online. At this site you can obtain pyrography designs as well as participate in web forums.


by Nik Moore

I am including two pyrography artist and an example of their works. The first is Sue Walters and her design is “TigerMaller”. To view other works visit her web site at The other artist is Nik Moore. His work is “Miniture Schnauzer on Horse Chestnut”. To view more of his work visit

If this is an art form that you would like to try then give it a go. You can obtain a basic pyrography tool for about twenty dollars at any craft or hobby store.

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