Awendan(Old English): Work turned from one language to another.

We will explore the creative arts, their transitions through the changing media that they represent…art…literature…theater…film.

In the artistic environment we will showcase the old masters and their influence on apprentices. We will provide an internet presence for new artist that will provide a biographical look at the artist, as well as a gallery to view their creative talents.

There will be information concerning the care and preservation of paintings and sculptures. There will be reviews of the different brands of materials available for each of the media types, oil, watercolor, acrylics. Also, we will look at the accessories that will make being creative easier.

In the realm of literature we will explore the effects that the ever changing electronic age has on this ancient form of entertainment and enjoyment. We will explore the art of book binding and publishing.

Theatre … well is theatre. Enough said!

The evolution of film – from black and white and silent to color and 3D. From independent film production to major production companies. From flops to mega blockbusters. We will provide information as it develops.

The journey will be informative, entertaining and fun.

Ronald Wilker, Editor

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